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Digital Marketing Help

To Know Complete Digital Marketing  – What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is the marketing of services or products using the digital platform on internet. In simple terms, it refers to the ads delivered through search engine, website, email, social media and mobile apps. Some 10-15 years ago Brands only used traditional TV ads and newspaper ads only. But now as people have started spending more and more time online so targeting people online has become a necessity to gain more business.

Digital marketing targets entire range of audience on internet, not just limited to website and email. Online marketing is used to get new customers ,giving service to existing ones also. Different types of digital marketing techniques are explained below.

Types of Digital Marketing Services to grow Online Business

1) PPC or Pay Per Click – It refers to the sponsored ads we see on the top of google search results when we search something on google. Seo takes time so business who want to target specific keywords can buy google ads. Here you only have to pay for the clicks you receive. A properly set PPC campaign can yield a good Return of investment for the business. These ads are effective for a wide array of industries who want to target people based on what they search.

2) Email Marketing – It refers to the use of email to promote your business online.It is used to develop relations with the potential customer, keep your current customers informed of the latest updates of your business and brand, offer coupons to make them buy more etc. Some people think email is old, but its the direct method of targeting your potential customer with offer and schemes of your business. Email marketing is more important than before.

3) Social Media Marketing – It refers to the use of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram to connect with your audience to build the brand, increase business sales and increase website traffic. It involves posting good content on your profile to engage the potential customer who will later buy from your business/website. More than 3 billion people are on social media, so leveraging this could mean a lot more sales for your business. The main social media platforms these days are facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, youtube and lots more.

4) Bulk SMS – It refers to the sending of promotional messages to a large number of pre defined group of people based on interest or some other criteria. It is also a type of direct marketing as we are engaging with the user in his sms box. If properly done it can send a lot of sales and brand reputation.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing to increase the Traffic & Leads

Today entire generation is now online. They text online, use social media, listen to songs, watch movies and do lots of things so it makes sense for businesses to promote their sites online.

1) You can have a lot more conversations online than offline if the process is done correctly.

2) Cost effective than traditional marketing – It takes a lot of money and effort to promote your brand offline through mass media than online.

3) Businesses can use digital marketing strategies to have better revenue growth  with high traffic than offline marketing.

4) It can enable businesses to generate better cost per lead.

5) It can enable you to compete with big brands and corporations.

Now with all the benefits explained above, You can hire our experts digital marketing agency in Kenya to execute your business plan online, make leads and increase your revenue from today onward!

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